Casa Luna Cooking School

Casa Luna Cooking School

 Discover the secrets of Balinese food with Janet DeNeefe and her team. Explore cooking techniques and

the fascinating kitchen myths of this unique culture followed by a lavish Balinese feast and complete recipes.

Listed as ‘amongst the world’s best cooking schools’ in The Australian newspaper,

Janet has been teaching Balinese cooking since 1987.


The Casa Luna Cooking School classes provide a fascinating insight into Balinese life, beliefs and culture through learning

about its food, cooking and culinary myths.

Class discussions are relaxed and friendly and are held in the elegant grounds of the Second Honeymoon Guesthouse.

They include specific references to the role of food in Balinese society, its ceremonial use and religious importance.


Participants learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes and are encouraged to

actively help prepare the lavish Balinese feast that will then be enjoyed with a glass or two of the local rice wine

or homemade hibiscus tea.



Complete class notes are provided. Guests of the Honeymoon Guesthouses receive a 10% discount on all cooking classes

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